Herb Essentials

Cannabis Infused Candle


What we love

This CBD Infused Candle has a deep and complex scent based on cannabis buds, patchouli and dry amber, mixed with fresh top notes of citrus and bergamot to add lightness. We love the gorgeous aroma that slowly fills the room with a subtle ambiance, helping you to relax.

Type: CBD Infused Candle
Dose: We recommend burning the candle for at least 2 hours on the first time, to ensure the wax burns equally.
Contents: This is a 265g Cannabis Scented Candle


How to use

Light this Cannabis Scented Candle to fill any room with the perfect ambiance.


More about the Product

The burn time of this Cannabis Infused Candle is about 60 hours. We recommend giving the wick a little trim before each time you relight it, to ensure less soot is formed when the candle is burning.



The candle contains a soy, coconut and paraffin-based blend and fragrance oil. The fragrance is based on fresh Cannabis Buds combined with patchouli, bergamot, and citrus.


About the Brand

Herb Essentials is an American brand; founded and based in New York City, with its manufacturing and production in Los Angeles. They specialise in high performing products that utilize the unique beneficial properties of CBD. All their CBD Products contain natural ingredients, using oils derived from the cannabis plant, fortified with other organic ingredients to maximize the effect.



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