Saint Jane Beauty

CBD Luxury Beauty Serum


What we love

A gorgeous, rich CBD serum that glides onto your skin; plumping, hydrating, detoxifying. We’re completely smitten by this premium CBD skincare brand. The combination of 500mg of full spectrum CBD and 20 super-charged botanicals permeate your skin from the very moment you put it on. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, it transforms skin with glowing results.

We love the matte black bottle with gold plaque, and the beautiful box it comes inside. It’s the perfect CBD beauty product for treating yourself.

Type: Topical
Dose: Apply a couple of drops, twice a day.
Contents: This 30ml bottle contains 500mg of CBD oil (1.7%)


How to use

Apply a couple of drops in the morning to awaken and nourish your complexion for a luminous, all day glow. Repeat the ritual at night to restore your skin to a calm and blissful state.


More about the Product

Silky and antioxidant-rich, this nutrient dense formula contains the active ingredients; Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, CBD and Rosehip for boosting radiance, while Pomegranate and Helichrysum deliver rich antioxidants. CBD is most known for its calming and soothing properties. Full Spectrum delivers CBD from the whole plant, offering the highest concentration levels for penetration deep into the skin.



Sunflower Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Rosehip Seed Extract, Avocado Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract, Rose Flower Oil, Helichrysum Flower Oil, Palmarosa Leaf Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Frankincense Resin Extract, Shea Nut Butter, Geranium Flower Oil, Myrrh Resin Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, Spikenard Root, Caprylic triglyceride, Rhatany Root Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract


About the Brand

Saint Jane Beauty is one of the leading premium CBD beauty brands to come out of California. The founder has a long history of working in the beauty industry, combining this knowledge with the very best natural ingredients and substantial doses of CBD, she has created products that have extraordinary benefits for the skin. A plant-powered, female-centric and nurturing brand, we adore how Saint Jane Beauty promotes radiance that goes beyond skin-deep.



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