An interview with Scott Campbell: Celebrity tattoo artist behind luxury CBD brand Beboe

Scott Campbell is known throughout the world as one of the most talented hands in the world of tattooing – having tattooed many celebrities and luminaries. As an experienced cannabis grower, a foray into cannabis came as no surprise. Beboe was born in 2018 with Clement Kwan in honour of—and named after—Campbell's grandmother, Bernice (Be Boe), who baked ‘special’ brownies well into her eighties to help relieve his mother's pain while she battled cancer during his childhood. 

We sat down with Scott to hear more about the awe-inspiring collection now available in Europe exclusively at The Chillery.  

What made you start a cannabis company?

Weed has been a part of my life and a part of my creative process since I was young.  I’ve seen tattooing grow from an underground blue-collar craft to the centre of fashion runways and pop culture. As the legalization of cannabis became more and more possible, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels in its trajectory, and I knew I wanted to participate in pushing that movement forward.  

How does your background as a tattoo artist come in to play in product formulation and design?

I love tattooing as a craft, but what keeps me coming back to it is the people wearing them. I’m a romantic. I love people's stories and the emotional roller coasters that we all ride in our lives. In creating a brand, it’s important to me that the brand has the complexity and depth of a person. Anyone can subscribe to a trend forecasting website and see what Pantone colours will be “in” this fall….but if you want something that people can deeply connect with and relate to, it has to have personality. I draw upon all the inspiring stories and personalities that I’ve been lucky enough to peek into through tattooing. 

(pictured above: Scott Campbell & Clement Kwan co-founders Beboe)

Beboe has been dubbed by the New York Times the “Hermes” of cannabis? What do you think is behind this association?

Everything about our product is considered and deliberate. From the farms and the way our plants are cultivated and processed to the partner actives that support the benefits of CBD, to the presence the jars have on a nightstand. We obsess over every detail. So, of course, we become associated with “the good shit” in other categories. 

What are the biggest misconceptions about CBD in the beauty industry?

That it gets you high, and that it fixes everything. 

1. It doesn’t get you high. It has shown to have some relationship with serotonin receptors, which can affect mood, but CBD has none of the psychoactive effects that THC  has made cannabis famous for. 

2. It isn’t a magic snake oil that fixes everything. But it has been shown to be incredibly effective at a few things that really matter. CBD has been shown to be extraordinarily powerful in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is our bodies way of fighting off intruding bacteria and foreign bodies, but with a global increase of irritants and pollutants in our air, water, and food, our bodies inflammation mechanisms are being triggered more than ever, and often unnecessarily.  Excessive and chronic inflammation is associated with a long list of adverse conditions that will send you into a webMD spiral of doom. 


Why was it important for you to include terpenes into your beauty formulations?

We are confident that there are benefits to the plant’s natural terpenes that we have yet to fully understand. Until there is scientific evidence of this, we will continue to trust the plant, and try to incorporate as many of the inherent terpenes as possible in the final product.  

What’s next for Beboe Therapies?

Releasing 2 new products this fall. Stay tuned.

Ready to try all of Beboe’s carefully crafted and luxuriously designed CBD products? Here are our favourites exclusively available in Europe only at The Chillery. 

High-Potency Face Serum

This pure, full-spectrum CBD face oil helps your skin return to a state of equilibrium while essential oils and plant extracts work to repair your skin, inside and out. To capture its bright and earthy scent, Beboe uses proprietary cannabis terpenes.

A 100%  all-natural serum, it tackles blemishes and fine lines, repairs elasticity, encourages collagen production and fights free radicals, all while giving your skin a beautiful natural glow. Viscous & honey-coloured it leaves a delicate golden sheen for a glowy finish. It's like liquid gold!

High-Potency Face Mask

Like a therapy session for your face, this mask works to calm skin while supporting cell renewal. Deeply moisturizing and brightening, skin is left with an even-toned, energized glow. 

This mask soaks pores with a soothing brew of powerful nutrients, not to mention its unique design that comes straight from Scott’s pen. 

Calming CBD Vape Pen

With a gorgeous rose gold exterior, the Beboe Calming Blend CBD vape pen is glam, discreet, and fast-acting. With terpenes present on the palate enjoy a smooth, sweet lemon meringue pie flavour that hints at limonene and linalool. 

The chic Beboe vape combines full-spectrum CBD derived from organic Colorado hemp with plant-derived terpenes to result in a high-quality hemp CBD product that’s as effective as it is beautiful. 

Photos by, & beboetherapies 

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